A fun custom wellness program, created by Certified Personal Trainers, that is designed to improve a company’s bottom line. It helps decrease absences from work, leads to more engaged and productive employees, and, most importantly, creates a more positive work environment.

WHY A corporate wellness program?

You may have wondered what all the buzz is about these corporate wellness programs. Is there any truth to their providing increased productivity, employee satisfaction, fewer absences?

There are hundreds of studies on the subject with statistics that show employees, as well as employers, truly benefit from company wellness programs. Although the benefits are too many to list here, the main takeaway is that those who take part in employee wellness programs become healthier and more satisfied with their jobs. As a result, they are less absent from work, more engaged, and productive, which means greater profits for the company.

WHAT WE OFFER Corporate Edge for your employees

Our Corporate Edge employee wellness program is custom-designed for your employees. Our highly experienced and educated personal trainers and dieticians will visit your business, listen to your concerns, make an assessment, and then will craft a program just for your employees.

Our six-month, employee wellness classes include:

Custom-designed Programs Led by Certified Personal Trainers  •  Testing, Evaluation, and Periodic Rechecks  •  Individual Coaching Sessions  •  Individual Dietary Consultations  •  Educational Health Seminars and More!

As this program is tailored to your employee’s needs, we also offer CATALYST Weight Loss, a 16-week intensive lifestyle change program exclusive to Personal Edge Fitness.

The Corporate Edge’s wellness program can bring awareness of your workers’ health status, establishing a baseline for comparison over time, which is vitally important in preventing future medical problems. Through personalized, goal-setting, and other resources, employees are empowered to adopt new habits.

This wellness program is also designed to help drive measurable gains in a company’s financial performance as well.


Statistics show that employees benefit greatly from worksite wellness programs, designed to maintain and improve their overall health. Businesses that provide these wellness programs benefit as well, in terms of worker recruitment, productivity, and lower medical costs. So give us a call today at 251-341-0927 and see how a healthier workforce does mean that everyone wins! We will be delighted to visit your site and design a custom wellness program for your employees.

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When My daughter expressed an interest in enhancing her athletic skills for volleyball I thought of no other place than Personal Edge Fitness. I am quite familiar with their impeccable reputation and was confident that she would receive the expert training she needed in a well equipped and safe atmosphere.

-Bill Sanderson M.D.

Personal Edge Fitness is not only committed to helping their clients regain pain-free functionality but also bringing them to their best overall fitness level.

-Bob Fleming, P.T. Fleming Rehab

Not only are the trainers at Personal Edge Fitness up to date on the latest exercise techniques but they are also experts in modifying each exercise to fit any special needs of their clientele.

-Dr. Alec Blankenship, Blankenship General Surgery

I trust my wellness program to trainers of Personal Edge Fitness and am always confident that each workout session will be safe as well as comprehensive.

-Dr. Dena Howell, The Center for Dermatology

Continued Recovery from surgery or muscular injury requires not only physiological specific exercises but strict adherence to correct form. A patient wishing to continue their rehab should seek a qualified professional in sports medicine to strengthen the affected area and prevent future damage. The advanced education of the Personal Edge Fitness staff not only meets these demands but surpasses them.

-John B. Howell M.D.