Personal Edge Fitness began offering personal training in Mobile AL in 2000 with a 2,400sqft gym. By 2015 we had expanded our gym in Mobile AL twice, moving up to the 8,500sqft fitness center you see today. This extremely rapid growth is a testament to the quality of our staff and the loyalty of our clients. Rather than simply scheduling a consultation, we like to think of it as an opportunity for you to interview us. Take a tour of the facility and you’ll see that we are the right team for the job!

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Here at Personal Edge Fitness, we take pride in our workout facilities. If you’re searching for the best gyms in Mobile AL, check out our Mobile location. The facility is 8,500sqft with 20ft ceilings indoors, an additional 2,400sqft of covered workout space outdoors, as well as a turf field for specialty training.

The indoor space is divided into sections with each section serving a specific niche. What we refer to as the “Quiet Side,” is geared towards stretching and flexibility training. Equipped with six therapy tables and assorted rehabilitation equipment it feels more akin to a physical therapy clinic than a gym.

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The “Loud Side,” on the other hand is equipped like a high-end professional gym with rubber flooring and the majority of our free weights and pin select equipment. All of the equipment is carefully selected from top manufacturers, like Precor and Cybex, for their ergonomics as well as their functionality.

However, the fitness experience isn’t located in our equipment. Instead, it’s generated from the imaginations of our world class trainers. Your search for Personal Trainer Mobile AL has brought you to the right place.

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The Personal Edge Fitness Team in Mobile, Alabama takes personal training to a professional level. Every personal trainer on our team is not only certified, but also holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant fields. Many of them actually achieving advanced degrees in kinesiology, physiology, and sports medicine.

This advanced level of education allows for a more thorough assessment of the client’s needs and a better understanding of their limitations. They also have the ability to communicate with your physical therapist or doctor, with your permission, to gain additional insight into your limitations before planning a fitness routine. The assessment is only a small part of the many variables our trainers use to develop a customized fitness plan for the clients. It’s important to have a personal trainer who understands your limitations or injuries and can work with you towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Our trainers in our Mobile, Alabama gym are often asked about creating diet plans for clients. While our trainers are happy to provide guidance on proper nutrition, true diet plans can only be created by a certified dietician. With that said we are an exclusive provider of a diet plan with over 40 years of proven results.


Rather than following the one-size-fits-all model, we cater to our clients. With our diverse team of 1 on 1 personal trainers we have the ability to specialize in a wider variety of programs. Each program was carefully developed to help clients reach specific goals in their health journey. Here are a few of our featured programs but keep in mind we would be happy to work with you to develop a personalized program that better suits your needs.

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  • Online Training – Our clients can switch from in-person to in-home to online with just a phone call
  • Weight Loss – We are the exclusive provider of the Catalyst Weight Loss diet plan. With over 40 years of results, this nutritional plan may be what you’re looking for
  • Athlete Training – Take your game to the next level with one-on-one training from current and former athletes
  • Speed Training – Athletes seeking a competitive edge know that a half-second can separate the elite level from the rest
  • Senior Fitness – Regular fitness can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and many other chronic conditions as well as improve mobility and mental health
  • Rehabilitation – Recovery rarely ends when physical therapy is completed so call Personal Edge Fitness to continue your journey to a full recovery
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Training – regular exercise can provide health benefits to both mother and baby, and help reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy

Personal Edge Fitness
Mobile, AL

The experience and professionalism of the sport specific trainers at Personal Edge Fitness are second to none and their expertise show in the results with the players they train.

-Coach Kelli Hillier, Coach Kelli Hillier St. Pauls Episcopal UGA Volleyball ’87-’90, St. Pauls Episcopal UGA Volleyball '87-'90

My patients who have worked with the professional staff at Personal Edge Fitness have experienced an enhanced quality of life that comes only from increased activity level and expert fitness training.

-Dr. Thomas C. McGee

I am well aware of the need for a comprehensive fitness program as we age. For the past 16 years I have entrusted my exercise regimen to the professional staff at Personal Edge Fitness.

-Lowell Friedman