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Sense of balance or the ability to know where your body parts are in 3-dimensional space, is required for every movement we make. This complex system needs plenty of regular ‘practice’. As children we develop good balance by practicing balancing activities – walking along walls, jumping, spinning and climbing. As adults we tend not to give our balance system the practice it needs. Health problems can also weaken the balance system.

At Personal Edge Fitness we can train you to improve the proprioception within the muscles, just by creating a program that will keep your balance system challenged and healthy!


Out of Balance.… its all in your head!

By: Garrett Williamson M.S.S., ACSM Health Fitness Instructor
Personal Edge Fitness


It is a very popular and accepted belief that we’ lose’ our balance as we age.  Trips, falls, stumbles just need to be regarded as a natural part of growing up and one should learn to deal with it, right?  When you have the unfortunate opportunity to hear someone make such a ridiculous statement, remember what your mother told you:  just because everyone is doing it, does not make it right! 

The problem with this accepted, albeit constipated, way of thinking is that we tend to believe that we lose balance and physical fitness in general BECAUSE we age.  Nothing is further from the truth and those of us in the physical fitness arena and health care professional in general need to do more to spread the truth...[read more]


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